I offer a heartfelt and personalized approach to funeral ceremonies, specialising in non-religious services that honor the unique spirit of the departed. Whether amidst the tranquility of a natural burial ground or in a cherished space that reflects the life being celebrated, I'm here to accommodate your wishes for a meaningful farewell outside the conventional settings.

My service is comprehensive and includes:

A Personal Consultation: I believe in the power of stories and the subtle details that capture the essence of your loved one. Our meeting can span from an hour to several, wherever it's most comfortable for you, to share memories, photographs, and the rich narrative of the life we're honoring.

Order of Service Guidance: Crafting a ceremony that is a true reflection of your loved one is a collaborative journey. I'm here to assist in weaving together the contributions of family and friends to create a ceremony that resonates with the life and legacy of the departed.

Ceremony Draft: If you wish, you will receive a thoughtfully composed draft of the service ahead of time, allowing us to fine-tune every element to your satisfaction, ensuring that the ceremony not only honors your loved one but also feels right for you.

The Ceremony Itself: On the day, I will be there to conduct the service with compassion and respect, ensuring that the ceremony unfolds seamlessly and with heartfelt significance.

For any additional aspects, such as curated music, unique ceremonial elements, or bespoke service cards, I'm more than willing to help bring these details to life.

My commitment is to provide a ceremony that not only commemorates the life passed but also supports the emotional journey of those grieving, creating a space for memories to be cherished and the life celebrated in the most fitting way.

For a conversation about how we can honor your loved one, please reach out to me.



We all thought yesterday was just right and what [he] would have wanted so many thanks for making it go so well.

"Viv provided us with an excellent service and ensured that our dad's funeral was exactly as we wanted. She spent time getting to know us and was very empathetic and sensitive in the manner that she built up her understanding of the family, and quickly understood that we wanted to celebrate dad's life as well as recognise our loss and sadness.

She was also very efficient and well organised in preparing the service and we felt reassured by her professionalism and the clarity she brought to the planning and preparation. Our friends and family all felt that the spirit of dad had been captured and we are very grateful to Viv for making this possible."

Simon and Clare Feasey

"We asked Viv to conduct the funeral service for our mum's funeral after we saw her perform the wedding ceremony for some friends and were struck how special and personal she made the event. She struck us as someone who would combine this sensitivity with an ability to understand who mum really was and we were not wrong.

Viv spent a great deal of time contacting everyone who was important in our mum’s life before writing a speech which celebrated her life in a way that was honest, true and joyous. She ensured that space was made for sadness and reflection alongside this celebration and brought together a service that everyone present commented was a fantastic reflection of mum’s life. I couldn't recommend her highly enough."

Jascha Elliott

Viv Andrews, took a funeral service for the company I work for in September 2014 at our local crematorium in Nottingham.

We were in constant touch to plan and prepare the service, ensuring such things as timing, other participating family members and musical requests were arranged properly and efficiently.

Viv had great understanding towards the needs of the Crematorium staff and Funeral Directors as well as the importance of the ceremony itself to the grieving family.

She carried out the service with great sensitivity and clarity, conveying a very consoling and reassuring picture of the deceased gentleman, much appreciated by comments I overheardbymourners afterwards.

Viv ensured that the whole service was carried out with great dignity and professionalism and what is more, with great courage, considering that the person whose funeral it was happened to be was her Uncle.

Mark Ridout (Funeral Director)


It was a lovely service on Wednesday. A Big Thank You for the effort you put into the preparation and delivery of a very personalised ceremony. Everyone i spoke to afterwards were saying how nice the service was and enjoyed the stories of Victor's life. Someone asked me did you know Victor personally as you seemed to get things so right when relating things about him. I told him that you're very discerning when it comes to people which helps you get the true flavour of someone's personality.

Another friend said that he thought the pace in which you spoke was good because you didn't rush through it. I would agree, you made your words heartfelt! 

Karen Jenning